Start your journey to long-term savings with our energy efficiency loan product – without commission costs!

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Start your journey to long-term savings with our energy efficiency loan product – without commission costs!   Ensure the replacement of windows and doors, do more efficient thermal insulation, get energy-efficient appliances and save money in the long run. In addition to a safer, more beautiful and functional household, you are able to lower your […]

Donation of school reading materials to Elementary School Aleksa Santic

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For many years, Microcredit Foundation SUNRISE has been actively supporting projects related to the improvement of education and the education of young people. This time we decided provided support to Elementary School Aleksa Santic, from Sarajevo, where over 1,000 students are educated. The SUNRISE Microcredit Foundation gladly responded to the invitation to participate in the […]



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To become a recognized and strong microfinance institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will provide financial and institutional assumptions for the long-term financial support of the targeted clients in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Microcredit Foundation Sunrise will offer micro-credits long term and contribute to reducing poverty and increasing the employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina through micro lending to the clients with low income who do not have or have difficult access to commercial sources of financing.


“The time I spent in this organization was very interesting. I was introduced to the practical side of my work that was little known to me. I think that it’s not easy to work in this field since the job requires patience and organisation. However, the overall experience was very useful and great.”

Dženana Tatlić

This is a success story of the Association Agro Neretva which begins after the war in BiH, when the founder and our client Dragi Žujo came back all the way from Norway with a desire and aim to restore and strengthen the agriculture in our country. His main goal was to motivate the population, to bring back our agricultural business back on its feed. With all the difficulties brought by the war, Dragi Žujo was able to re-awaken a desire and a will of people to work and create new future on their own land . The Association of AGRO-NERETVA is owned by Mr. Žujo, and his basic and primary activity is finding markets where farmers from the cooperatives could sell their products. His life motto is ”man-family-cooperative-local community. ”

Dragi Žujo

“With the first loan approved by the Microcredit Foundation Sunrise I financed the purchase of three sheep and one ram. I am grateful to the Microcredit Foundation Sunrise for believing in me when other financial institutions did not have confidence in my work. Today I have my own flock of hundred goats.”

Muris Softić

“The beginning is the hardest, but once you start there’s no stopping it. I have started from scratch, and it took me a while to gain the trust of people, but I always tried to offer quality services to all, to offer something they love, and I can say, for certain, that you can never go wrong with a good piece of pie! Especially, when that pie is baked under the tots which is a part of the Bosnian tradition.”

Zija Selmani

“I’m one of those persons who consciously thinks and strives to serve her customers with courtesy and wholeheartedly. Because of it, I turned to the Microcredit Foundation “Sunrise“ for help and I don’t regret it. I have inherited this job from my mother, and my wish was to walk her steps and to successfully continue developing the business. I’m glad I have succeeded!”

Marjana Zahirović



This year we marked 27 years of sustainable business, which we consider extraordinary success since the Foundation was created at the time of the difficult economic situation in the country, i.e. immediately after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In our work we strive to achieve an appropriate balance between the provision of services and the business results we would like to achieve. We are proud of our position in the market and recognition that we have received in the previous period. In order to a responsible management of the micro credit Foundation Sunrise, constantly advance our activities according to the clients whose unquestionable loyalty to refile on our success. Clients of our services has detected that we understand their priorities and we can provide them access to financial resources that they need to more easily implement their plans. On it worth for our 161 employees, which help our clients to more easily achieve their goals and needs, and even surpass their expectations. The Foundation is also responsible to the wider social community in which we live and operate, which is reflected through various forms of assistance in the fight against poverty. One of those aspects is mobilizing and developing innovative sources of financing for the needs of the socially responsible lending target groups of users such as women entrepreneurs, returnees, etc. We make it easier to access to sources of funding to all customers who want to implement their own plan or idea in order to achieve additional revenue as well as the creation of new jobs. The capital of the Foundation has enabled the survival and successful business, and in the period of economic crisis with which the Foundation successfully wore, and even today, decisive steps going forward. In the period from founding until today, MCF SUNRISE and its employees they were able to build a recognizable image, increase capital, offer innovative and affordable products, territoriality expand and update the field offices.