25 for 25! Take advantage of a 25% discount!

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In November, Microcredit Foundation SUNRISE marks the 25th anniversary of successful business.

On the occasion of the 25th birthday,  MKF SUNRISE to our loyal clients offers the opportunity to take advantage of more favorable lending conditions and a 25% discount on all credit products. *

With favorable credit conditions and fast loan approval, improve your business liquidity, increase household income through the exploitation of agricultural potential, arrange the house according to your wishes, or simply reduce the cost of living.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity and action “25 for 25” which lasts from 01.11.-31.12.2021. years.

SUNRISE Microcredit Foundation is always with you with special benefits.

For more detailed information and inquiries, you can visit our nearest branch, contact us in the inbox of the page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/microsunrise/, apply for the contact form at the following link: 🌐http: //microsunrise.ba/kontaktirajte-nas/ or call us on the free info line: 0800 30 565 and we will come to you!

See the list of branches here: ➡️http://microsunrise.ba/poslovnice/

* The action applies to all credit products, except for household loans, which can be approved only if the client has a minimum of 5 completed cycles.

Below is a representative example of credit conditions for micro-entrepreneurship loans (for all those who have a work permit or registered activity). Interest rates, as well as loan loan amounts, depend on the type of loan product, the purpose of the loan, the loan amount and the loan repayment period.


Data on the amounts of interest rates, as well as commissions are of an informative nature and serve as an example and for the purpose of general information, and may differ from the official conditions at the time of application. For all detailed information, please contact us at your nearest branch, contact your loan officer, or call us on the free info line 0800 30 565 and we will reach you.


Your MCF SUNRISE – We have been creating opportunities for 25 years!