Temporary measures

Dear clients,

In accordance with the decisions of the banking agencies of the Federation of BiH (Official newspaper FBiH 60/20, 21/21 i 104/21;) MCF SUNRISE has prepared a set of measures to mitigate adverse economic consequences for clients whose income or sources of funds for loan repayment have been reduced as a result of COVID-19 virus.

These measures, based on the Decision of the Banking Agency of Republic of Srpska to repeal the Decision on temporary measures of MCOs to mitigate the negative economic consequences caused by the viral disease COVID-19 (Official Gazette of RS 26/22), don’t apply to clients of the Foundation approved in the representations in the Republic of Srpska.

Temporary measures that MCF SUNRISE may grant you under the conditions prescribed by the internal acts of MCF SUNRISE are the following:

Loan reprogramming means changing the agreed loan repayment terms (reprogramming) by applying one or a combination of the following temporary measures:

– extension of the loan repayment deadline.

– merging loans of the same client.

– taking over a debt or joining a debt that includes changing the agreed loan terms.

– all other cases involving changes in the agreed loan terms.

Loans for additional funds implies that the client can apply for a loan for additional funds in order to overcome the liquidity difficulties caused by the pandemic of the viral disease COVID – 19. The review of applications for loans for additional funds will be done according to the internal procedures of the MCF SUNRISE and guided by the decisions of the banking agencies.

The request for approval of one of the temporary measures is submitted in person at the representative office of MCF SUNRISE where the loan application was submitted.

The application form for interim measures can be downloaded here: https://microsunrise.ba/online-zahtjev-za-odobrenje-privremenih-mjera/  or taken at the closest office of MCF SUNRISE.

Based on the written request of the client and the individual credit analysis, the competent persons and bodies of MCF SUNRISE will decide whether to approve the requested interim measure or to offer the client another interim measure or a combination of prescribed measures.

If any of the participants in the loan does not accept the offered temporary measure, the temporary measure will not be approved, and the loan repayment will continue according to the valid repayment plan.

All MCF SUNRISE representative offices are open. The working hours of the representative offices in FBiH are from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30, and in the Republic of Srpska on the same days from 08:00 to 16:00.

You can find the list of branches and telephone numbers at the following link: https: https://microsunrise.ba/poslovnice/

For all additional questions, interested clients can contact the competent credit officer or call the free info line MCF SUNRISE: 0800 30 565.

Yours truly,