Project “Volunteer And Lend”

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To celebrate its 20th birthday, MCF Sunrise supported the Social day Project “Volunteer and Lend.” The project is the winner of the first prize of Erste Foundation for social integration, and since 2007 it offers students a chance to learn and make money, in order to connect companies, students, local communities and educational institutions. In the following paragraphs, we offer you experiences of students who worked in our foundation.

The time I spent in this organization was very interesting. I was introduced to the practical side of my work that was little known to me. I think that it’s not easy to work in this field since the job requires patience and organisation. However, the overall experience was very useful and great. 
Dženana Tatlić

I think this is a wonderful and unique experience that I would like to repeat next year. I have learnt a lot of practical things regarding this profession that schools do not teach.
I had a lovely time working and hanging out with people with similar experiences. It was really interesting. 

Ajsela Felić