Public tender for the purchase of a used vehicle

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MKF Sunrise is the first owner of the vehicle that is the subject of the sale and it was used for the needs of the Foundation.

The vehicle has been regularly serviced by an authorized service personnel, registered and in running condition.




  Brand name and type of vehicle Reg. number Year of manufacture Max. power (KW) Engine operat. range (cm3) Fuel type  

Registration until



in kilometers


Initial sale price in convertible marks (BAM) Note
1 TOYOTA RAV4  2,2 D-CAT 4X4 5D A/T6 EXECUTIVE T72-J-151 2013 110 2231    Diesel 29.10.2019. 73038 36.699,50 KM The vehicle is in running order






2.1 The vehicle is sold according to the principle “seen-bought”, which excludes all subsequent complaints and complaints regarding the quality, condition, functionality, appearance, hidden or other possible shortcomings of the motor vehicle.

2.2 The criterion for selecting the most favorable bidder is the highest offered price for a motor vehicle which cannot be less than the initial sales price of the vehicle.





3.1 The vehicle that is the subject of the sale can be seen on the parking space of the Microcredit Foundation “SUNRISE” in Zagrebacka Street number 50, in Sarajevo, every working day from 09:00 to 16:00, with prior announcement.




4.1 The right to submit bids according to the advertisement is available to all natural and legal persons that can acquire the right of ownership in the subject of sale.




The tender must contain (printed or in person with the letter):


5.1 Information on a natural person (first and last name, one parent’s name, address, phone number),

5.2 Information on a legal entity (photocopy of the decision on entry into the court register certified by the competent authority, name of the authorized person for representation, copy of tax registration certificate (JIB), phone number),

5.3 Amount of bid in Convertible Marks (BAM) signed by the Bidder,

5.4 Vehicle information for which the bid is submitted (vehicle number from the table and vehicle registration).


If the bidder is a legal entity, the offer must be certified by the stamp of the legal entity.


The Bidder is obliged to make a deposit of BAM 1,000.00 with the indication “PAYMENT OF DEPOSIT BY PUBLIC INVITATION” to the account of MCF Sunrise at Raiffeisen Bank number 1610000009630074.

The amount of the purchase price will be reduced by the amount paid in the name of the deposit by the bidder whose bid has been rated as the most favorable one.

After the final decision on determining the most favorable bid, the bidders whose bid is not determined as the most favorable, the amount paid on behalf of the deposit will be returned to the transaction account for which the bidder is obliged to submit a proof.

If the most favorable bidder waives the purchase of the subject of sale, MCF Sunrise will retain the amount paid in the name of the deposit.





6.1 Written offers under this public tender shall be delivered in a sealed envelope by mail or directly to the protocol

Microcredit Foundation “SUNRISE”, street Zagrebačka br. 50, 71000 Sarajevo, with the note “DO NOT OPEN – OFFER FOR PUBLIC TENDER”.

6.2 The deadline for submitting the bids is 10.07.2019. until 16:00.

6.3 All bids received after the stated deadline, regardless of when they were sent, bids without the indication, as well as bids with the offered amount less than the initial price determined, will not be taken into consideration.





7.1 Opening of the tenders will take place on July 12, 2019. at 14:00 in the premises of the Foundation in Zagrebačka 50,


7.2 Bids that do not meet the conditions of the tender and offers with a price lower than the initial price will not be considered.

7.3 If two or more bidders offer the same price, which is at the same time the highest price, the preferred bidder will be the bidder whose bid was previously received.

7.4. If only one bidder appears on the tender, his bid will be accepted if it is equal or higher than the initial sales price





8.1 The bidder who gave the most favorable bid to the MCF SUNRISE will be asked to pay the offered amount within 5 (five) days, reduced for the amount paid in the name of the deposit for participation in the Public Tender. The payment of the purchase price is made exclusively by paying MCF Sunrise to the account opened with one of the commercial banks.

8.2 After the payment of the offered price, MCF Sunrise will inform the bidder about the receipt of money by telephone, after which the contract will be signed for the purchase and handover of a vehicle.

8.3 If the bidder who gave the most favorable bid refuses the purchase of a vehicle, MCF SUNRISE reserves the right to proceed with the following bidder from the list of bidders who gave the offer that meets the terms of tender.

8.4 The costs of ownership transfer as well as other costs in accordance with legal regulations are paid by the buyer.

8.5 The Foundation will not give a guarantee in terms of status, functionality, appearance and quality, hidden or other defects.





The short content of the Public Tender will be published in the daily newspaper “Dnevni Avaz”, while the full text of this invitation will be posted on the website of MCF “SUNRISE” at

The Foundation reserves the right not to choose a single bidder.

For all additional information, contact the phone number: 033 727 350, Fikret Velić.


Samir Bajrović