First online competition in the field of programming and software development in BIH

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In the past period, the “First online competition in the field of programming and software development in BiH” was held and organized by the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo. 

The competition aimed to enable students from all over BiH, who have a knowledge in programming, to gain world-renowned certificates as a confirmation of their competencies and skills, and consequently enable them to find a job more easily. 

Microcredit Foundation “Sunrise”, as always, provides support to young and talented people, and this time we participated as sponsors of the competition. In addition to sponsorship, the Foundation also provided professional practice in the MCF SUNRISE for one of the first three competitors achieving the best scores. 

The announcement of the winners took place last month and on that occasion a ceremony of awarding certificates and prizes to the winners was held. 

The highest points in the competition and the first three places were won by: 

1. Anes Kurtović, Faculty of Information Technology, Džemal Bijedić University; 

2. Eldin Hasić, Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo; 

3. Bakir Mujkanovic, International Burch University. 

Once again, MCF SUNRISE congratulates all participants in this competition, especially the candidates with the most points, and we thank the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo for the invitation to participate in this project, and we believe that we will continue good cooperation in the future. 

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