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“URODIOLTK” is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that brings together people with disabilities from the Tuzla Canton. The association was founded in 1997 and has 150 members. The current number of those who use the center on daily basis is 27.

The Association within the “Annual Day” organizes various activities for the members are actively involved in various actions, educational and creative methods of approach and occupational therapy. Through organized creative workshops together with their parents, volunteers and special educators, the members participate in the production of various decorative items, jewelry, costume jewelry, sewn and knitted items and other various handicrafts. All items that members make are organized and exhibited as well as sold at various events, fairs and events, and are exhibited daily and can be viewed in the premises of the Association.

In order to make the life of the members of the Association more beautiful, meaningful and enable them to forget the burden they are carrying, at least for a moment, MCF SUNRISE decided to support the work of the Association “URODIOLTK”.

We thank the Association for this gratitude and wish them much success in their future work.